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Heavenly Father please help me to:

  • Respect others and rejoice in their achievements.
  • Endeavour to learn something new every day.
  • Accept and celebrate the differences in others.
  • Continuously rise to every challenge.
  • Honestly reflect on my own actions.
  • In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Aspire and Inspire

Careers Day

Besides being a fun day where students attended school wearing the uniforms of their future careers, they had a unique opportunity to explore their aspirations and dreams, connect with incredible inspiring speakers, but also were able to understand what a future career can potentially look like.

By hosing the careers day, we aimed to help students connect and understand the link between subjects, their skills and the opportunities that can potentially arise from them whilst also achieving the following outcomes:

  • Motivate students with their learning
  • Broaden students imagination and dreams
  • Help students create goals and raise their aspirations
  • Reinforce the importance of education to the students
  • Challenge stereotypes of different job roles and background
  • Excite students about their learning and how it will help them in the future