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Thank you for looking at our website. If you are interested in transferring to St. Mark's Primary Academy, please ring the school office - 0208065403570
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Heavenly Father please help me to:

  • Respect others and rejoice in their achievements.
  • Endeavour to learn something new every day.
  • Accept and celebrate the differences in others.
  • Continuously rise to every challenge.
  • Honestly reflect on my own actions.
  • In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!



Ms T Labinjo


Deputy Headteacher

Mr Steenkamp


Classroom Teachers

Ms J Glencross
Reception Teacher

Ms B Enahoro
Year 1 Teacher

Mrs N Selman & Mr Steenkamp
Year 2 Teachers

Mrs Y Adesanya
Year 3 Teacher

Mr S Wallace

Year 4 Teacher

Ms S Leonard
Year 5 Teacher

Miss M Perry

Year 6 Teacher


Support Staff

Mrs H Zulu
Higher Level Teaching Assistant/Teaching Assistant

Miss B Alleyne
Teaching Assistant (SEND)

Mrs C Williams
Teaching Assistant (SEND)

Ms J Riley
Teaching Assistant

Ms D Jones

Teaching Assistant

Ms J Althea

Teaching Assistant

Miss N Walters
Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor

Mrs C Mackie
Curriculum Resources Technician 

Miss J Archer
Midday Supervisor/Cleaner

Mrs E Malcolm
Midday Supervisor

Ms C Reid
Midday Supervisor

Mrs I Huda

Midday Supervisor



WRAP Around Care

Mrs M Hawke
WRAP Around Care Assistant


Site and Administration

Mrs C Clarke
Admin Assistant

Mrs D Larkins
Finance Officer

Mr C Maher
Site Manager



Mrs N Selman
Special Education Needs Coordinator/Inclusion Mentor


Designated Safeguarding Officers

Mrs N Selman
Lead Safeguarding Officer


Ms T Labinjo
Safeguarding Officer

Mrs J Glencross

Safeguarding Officer

Ms B Alleyne

Safeguarding Officer

Mrs C Clarke

Safeguarding Officer