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You are the light of the world.
A city built on a hill cannot be hidden. Matthew 5:14

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Heavenly Father please help me to:

  • Respect others and rejoice in their achievements.
  • Endeavour to learn something new every day.
  • Accept and celebrate the differences in others.
  • Continuously rise to every challenge.
  • Honestly reflect on my own actions.
  • In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

PSHE & Wellbeing


Our intention is that, when children leave St. Mark’s C of E Primary Academy, they do so with the knowledge, understanding and emotions to be able to play an active role in today’s society. We want our children to have high aspirations, a belief in themselves and realise that anything is possible if they put their mind to it.

What do we want for our pupils?


  • · Develop a confidence in sharing their own thoughts and opinions with others
  • · Develop skills and attributes to keep themselves healthy and safe
  • · Develop an attitude of a responsible global citizen
  • · To show tolerance of others beliefs, religions and life choices.
  • · To build positive, respectful relationships with other people



We provide a well-planned curriculum using the resources from the Life Wise Scheme of work.

All pupils have a weekly PSHE lesson which lasts up to 1 hour and is carried out by our HLTA who teaches PSHE across the school to maintain continuity.

The planning has been developed by PSHE lead in guidance with Life Wise Scheme of work.

To meet the needs of our pupils. Our medium-term planning incorporates the different areas of PSHE including Rights and responsibilities, feelings and friendships, money, health, safety and risks and identity. The children are provided with different experiences to engage with their learning including performing First Aid on each other and making smoothies as part of the Health topic. Children are also given opportunities to work across key stages and with different classes.


Children are encouraged to work within the democratic process by nominating themselves to be class councillors, providing a manifesto and then being elected by their peers. Our school also has class champions who are nominated due to their excellence in being role models for their classes and their school and they support children in the wider school environment such as the playground and the dining room.


Visitors such as emergency services and the school nurse complement our PSHE curriculum to offer additional learning. Collective worships are also used to cover any additional sessions that would benefit the whole school.



Pupils are given the opportunity to explore and challenge their own attitudes, values and beliefs. Our aim is to empower them to develop an understanding, tolerance and respect of the individuality and values of others. Children are encouraged to develop their own internal, Christian moral code that will guide their actions.


All teaching and learning is exercised, within an understanding of the rights of others to hold their own views, inside a framework of respect for all. We are educating our children to live in the real world with all its variety, contradictions and choices. Our focus is on building healthy attitudes and positive relationships in an environment where difference is celebrated and everyone is included and valued for who they are.